Incorporating the patient perspective into health technology assessment

HTA authorities are tasked with determining whether or not new technologies should be funded on behalf of the members or citizens they represent and often patients’ preferences are not systematically considered when making funding decisions. Ensuring decision makers have an understanding of the issues associated with a specific disease from the patient’s perspective is essential to ensure the community’s satisfaction of the HTA process. The patient’s perspective of the disease, as well as its current management should be carefully considered to ensure the patient perspective is fully captured in value based assessments of new technologies.  In this interactive workshop, we facilitate the learning of how patient preference elicitation using econometric research methods can assist in understanding the patient perspective when it comes to assessing new health technologies. These research methods are commonly used in other areas of public policy and routinely used in cost-benefit analysis research. The objective of the workshop is to give participants a broader understanding of patient preference elicitation studies, including their design, development and application to HTA decision making.

HTAi Tokyo