Case Studies

CaPPRe are leading experts in engaging the community to quantify the value of major infrastructure developments and policy changes (both market and non-market valuation) – we call this Community Value Mapping (CVM). These outputs are used in economic analysis to inform how well the project benefits stack up against the project costs.... Read more

Myeloma is a complex and debilitating haematological cancer. It is the 17th most common cancer in the UK, accounting for two percent of all new cases (Cancer Research UK, 2013). Recent years have seen improvements in survival as a result of routine use of high- dose therapy, autologous stem cell transplant and the introduction of novel therapies (Osborne et al 2012). Today, one third (33%) of people diagnosed with myeloma in England and Wales survive for ten years or more (Cancer Research UK... Read more

Incorporating patient values into health outcomes is known as Patient Value Mapping (PVM). CaPPRe are experts in PVM utilising discrete choice experiments (DCEs) and work closely with industry, academia and government to encourage patient involvement in healthcare decision making. 

In addition to our work in PVM CaPPRe conduct a number of research projects involving other stakeholders in the treatment decision process, including carers and healthcare professionals.... Read more